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The Benefits of Protective Styles for Relaxed Hair

When you have relaxed hair, there are several protective styles that can be worn to give your hair some time off from being styled and also to reduce the damage that comes from combing and styling every day. Protective styles like buns, braids, twists, and updos can last up to two weeks at a time, depending on how often you decide to wash your hair during this period. At Lavar Hair Design Salon in 125 W 72nd St, New York, we recommend that all of our clients wear protective styles whenever possible because they save both time and the integrity of your hair follicles.

Protective Styles, General Info

Protective styles have a number of benefits for relaxed hair. The two main purposes for protective styling on relaxed hair are:

1) To provide moisture, hydration, and protection from daily wear and tear as well as mechanical manipulation (such as combing, brushing, washing, etc.), which can all be damaging to chemically treated hair;

2) To give your hair time to strengthen from damage. Protective styles also prevent breakage, which is especially important if you plan on starting fresh. Protective styles also promote growth by reducing breakage during sleep.

When you place your hair in a bun or wrap it at night, your strands get minimal manipulation, providing them with more time to rest and grow!

Protective Styles, Locks (Twists)

Protective styles, such as braids and twists, are an excellent way to add volume and to give your hair a break from any harsh styling methods like heat, chemicals, or even combing. If you wear your hair in protective styles often enough, it can actually help reduce damage to your relaxed strands. Protective styles also provide an excellent way to transition between wash-and-go’s. So don’t hesitate to rock a style that keeps those waves going a little bit longer. At Lavar Hair Design Salon, we specialize in all things natural hair care, including gorgeous twists and intricate updos that will keep your strands from getting overworked during hot weather months. Check out our gallery for inspiration!

Braids & Twists

Braids and twists are great protective styles for relaxed hair. The style protects your hair from pulling, tugging, and breakage. Protective styles can be worn for an extended period of time, even up to three months! The best part about braids and twists is that you can have fun with them; there’s a limitless amount of creative ways to put your look together. You can also customize your hair to fit your lifestyle: twist it, leave it loose or rock a ponytail! Lavar Hair Design Salon would love to help you get started with protective styling. Our expert team has years of experience caring for curly and wavy textures. Let us show you how versatile you truly are!!

Bantu Knots/Kinky Twists

The kinky twist is a style that is done by sectioning your hair into small sections, placing a piece of thread, or rubber band around it. Using either an S-shaped needle, or comb and thread, you then twist these sections until they start to lock. (refer to the video on YouTube) These are the most popular protective styles for relaxed hair because not only do they last longer, but they also retain some moisture from your natural oils. They are generally easier to remove than Marley twists and cornrows, as well as other protective styles which makes them great for newbie naturalistas.

Loose Twists

If you’re concerned about retaining length, but are looking to try a protective style, loose twists might be your best bet. To put it simply, small sections of hair are gathered together and twisted in large strands until they can be wrapped into place as individual twists. The twists themselves can range from two to six inches in diameter, which makes them easy to secure. Once you get them in place, these styles will last three or four weeks without causing significant breakage or shrinkage. They require little maintenance and look great on pretty much any texture—so they’re perfect if you want a styling option that is low-maintenance and versatile enough to fit your needs as time goes on.


One thing I’ve learned through experience is that it’s really important to keep your hair healthy and protected to avoid breakage, reduce frizz and maintain length. Protective styles are a great way to do just that; not only will they keep your hair out of harm’s way, but you’ll also get a chance to give your strands some much-needed TLC. Protective styles aren’t meant to be forever; as long as you follow proper care guidelines and styling instructions, you should have no problem detangling in one or two months. The best part? You can try something new while still rocking something protective! Here at Lavar Hair Design Salon, we pride ourselves on creating creative hairstyles that make our clients’ lives easier.