Our Services

Consultations are required to schedule any weave or extension service for a fee of $25

Prices can change without notice and/or deposits. We charge full price for hair service appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance and we charge full price for weave and braiding appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Prices listed are the minimum charge for each service, and prices may vary according to Stylist

LHD reserves the right to charge higher prices for long or damaged hair.


Lavar Hair Design Salon in New York offers hair care, hair styling, and hair colouring services. Lavar Hair Design Salon is the best place to get your hair done!

Lavar Hair Design Salon has everything you need to make your hair look great. We offer a variety of stylists who specialize in different styles like braids, perms, or afros. You can visit our salon for a facial treatment or colour touch up at any time of the day. Our salon is open 7 days a week with appointment availability on Mondays through Saturdays (except holidays). Come visit us today!