Relaxed Hair Services

Full Services (Includes Shampoo, Basic Conditioner & Style)

Shampoo, Blow, Curl/Flat Iron/Roller Set
$60 & up

Basic Trim

Style Cut

Temporary Color

Semi-Permanent Color

Demi-Permanent Color

Ponytail & UpDos

Relaxers Includes Basic Conditioner and Style

Relaxer Touch-up
$100 & up

Hairline Touch-up (for short hairstyles)
$70 & up

Virgin Relaxer
$115 & up

Texturizer Touch-up
$70 & up

Texturizer Touch-up w/Flat Iron or Roller Set
$100 & up

Virgin Texturizer
$92 & up

Relaxer Touch-Up Service Combinations

Relaxer/Texturizer Touch-up & Trim
$130 & up

Hairline Touch-up (for short hairstyles)
$70 & up

Relaxer & Temp Color
$136 & up

Relaxer & Semi Color
$140 & up

Relaxer & Demi Color/Glaze
$144 & up

Relaxer & Temp Color & Trim
$166 & up

Relaxer & Semi Color & Trim
$170 & up

Relaxer & Demi Color/Glaze & Trim
$174 & up

Relaxer & Temp Color & Style Cut
$200 & up

Relaxer & Semi Color & Style Cut
$204 & up

Relaxer & Demi Color/Glaze & Style Cut
$208 & up

Consultations are required to schedule any weave or extension service for a fee of $25

Prices can change without notice and/or deposits. We charge full price for hair service appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance and we charge full price for weave and braiding appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Prices listed are the minimum charge for each service, and prices may vary according to Stylist

LHD reserves the right to charge higher prices for long or damaged hair.


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