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How To Find Best Hair Color Services Near Me In New York?

Have you ever experienced a poor hair color from an inexperienced hairstylist? I know that it hurts the most. Your hair is your first impression whenever you meet someone. So what if your hairs lack a balanced color tone? You need an expert hair stylist for your precious hair!

However, the most tiring task is to find the best stylist in your surroundings. You may often find people asking a question, “how to find the best hair color services near me in New York.” Here we have a perfect and to the point answer for such people.

There are a few simple steps to know whether or not you should avail the services of a hairstylist. Moreover, we have also discussed how you can find the best hair salon color services. So just keep reading the article to know how you can find one for yourself.

Ways to Find the Best Hair Color Stylist

You can easily find the best hair color stylist for your hair in your vicinity. Just follow these simple ways or methods to get the best services.

Consult Local Salons

The best way to find an expert hair stylist near you is to visit different local hair salons. First, observe their staff and services. You may also find an expert hairstylist in some local salons, but that is very rare.

You may ask the salon owner or manager for an expert stylist. They know much about the hairstylist in the town or city.

Search Salons On Google

The next way is to search for hair salons on Google. However, this way, you will find hundreds of salons claiming to be the best, and it gets very confusing as you don’t know which is the right one. So just go to their reviews and check the customer’s reviews.

Moreover, several websites also have a list of the best salons or hair stylists in the city. However, only select the stylist with an excellent number of good reviews from people who have got services from there.

Ask People or Relatives

You may often encounter people whose haircut is very impressive. So, one way is to ask your relatives or friends about the best hairstylist in the city.

However, whenever someone recommends you a stylist, never go for a try. First, do proper research and confirm that they are an expert hairstylist and won’t damage your hair. Once you are confirmed that it is the stylist you were looking for, go for an appointment.

If you get what you desire, never leave such a stylist and be his regular customer. This way, he will pay you special attention.

Types of Hair Color Services 

Now, when you have found an expert hair color stylist, the next problem is what hair color technique you should select. Most celebrities and actors prefer some most popular and commonly used hair coloring techniques. Let’s have a look at them.


Balayage is actually a hair highlighting technique that has a pretty effect on the hair. In this hair coloring technique, the Hair Stylist applies the hair dye only to the surface of your hair.

The hairs are not fully saturated with the dye, which leaves them shiny and natural-looking. Also, this hair color or highlight fades away with the growth of the hair.


As the name shows, this hair coloring technique is related to curly hairs. If you have curly hair, you should try this instead of going for the Balayage as this is an alternative for Balayage.

The only difference between these is that you can easily customize the curlyage with the curl and texture type. The reflection of light is different on smooth hair and curly hair. Due to this, the coloring technique is also different to make the customized placement of the lightner.


Ombre is the end result of Balayage. In this technique, the stylist keeps the root of the hair dark and then gradually fades the dark color. The gradually fading dark color evolves into a bright or blonde color at the tips of the hair.

In simple words, the stylist uses the Balayage technique to get the Ombre Hair Color. While you are using the Ombre or Balayage technique, ask the stylist about the Color Extend Careline. Also, it would help if you asked about the way of keeping your Ombre or Balayage for long.


Babylights hair coloring technique is among the most difficult techniques where the stylist applies tiny highlights to small patches of hair. The small amount of dyed hair gives the hair a delicate and soft look.

Hair Gloss

Hair Gloss treatment is a hair coloring technique that leads to more smooth and shiny hairs. It is an alternative to classic hair dye where the whole hair is dyed.

Hair Gloss is more fruitful for hair to increase the lifetime of already dyed hair. Moreover, it also deepens or darkens the tone of the hair.


Highlights is another style, opposite of lowlights. In highlights, some parts of your hair are dyed lighter than the natural color of your hair. However, in lowlights, some parts of the hairs are dyed darker than the natural color of the hairs.

There are four known types of highlights, i.e., foil highlights, hair painting, frosting, and chunking. However, the most common techniques to apply highlights to the hair are foil highlighting and hair painting or balayage. 

Final Words

This was all about finding the best hair color services in New York and some best hair coloring techniques. After discussing both topics in detail, the last thing to know is that hair coloring affects your hair’s health and natural appearance.

You need to take proper care of your hair after applying the color. Unlike many other shampoos, try to use a color-safe sulfate-free shampoo as it does not dissolve the color. Also, try to apply some hair protective acid so your hair color might last longer.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your desired hair color to the stylist so he might be clear about his job.