Style Services

Shampoo & Round Brush
$40 & up

Shampoo & Blow
$34 & up

UpDo/Ponytail (only)
$50 & up

Two-Strand Twist (only)
$60 (plus $25/hr)

Consultations are required to schedule any weave or extension service for a fee of $25

Prices can change without notice and/or deposits. We charge full price for hair service appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance and we charge full price for weave and braiding appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Prices listed are the minimum charge for each service, and prices may vary according to Stylist

LHD reserves the right to charge higher prices for long or damaged hair.


You deserve to look and feel like yourself. You should be able to express your personality and mood with your hair and makeup. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and we’re here to help you do just that by giving you the latest hairstyle trends, cut and colour services, and makeup techniques.

We’re a salon dedicated to making you feel confident about who you are as a person. We understand that as people change their hairstyle, the way they present themselves changes too. As a result, we offer many different hair services from haircuts to colours that will have you looking amazing from head to toe. Our staff is well versed in all types of hair textures so don’t hesitate to stop to contact us today!