Weave Haircuts

Weave Cut

Weave Trim

Wig Style Cut

Consultations are required to schedule any weave or extension service for a fee of $25

Prices can change without notice and/or deposits. We charge full price for hair service appointments not cancelled 24 hours in advance and we charge full price for weave and braiding appointments not cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Prices listed are the minimum charge for each service, and prices may vary according to Stylist

LHD reserves the right to charge higher prices for long or damaged hair.


The LaVar Hair Design Salon in New York City is the go-to salon for women who want to get a weave haircut. When you come to see our stylists, you get the best of both worlds: a weave and a great haircut. We specialize in weaves, weaves and more weaves, but we’re also experts at all other relaxed hair services. Customers often come to us with complaints about how their weave makes them look like they’re not taking care of their natural hair care. Our stylists will then tell them that it’s all about how you style the weave. It doesn’t have to be slicked back or in an updo! You can rock your new hairstyle with confidence knowing that you have a great stylist.

Our mission is to provide an environment that is uplifting, welcoming, and friendly. We want our clients to feel like they are at home in our salon. LaVar Hair Design offers a variety of hair services for men and women. From hair cutting to hair color trends, we have all your hair needs covered! Our talented staff has years of experience in cutting, coloring, styling, and up-to-date training in the latest cutting edge techniques. The skilled stylists at LaVar Hair Design are committed to building long-term relationships with every client. Give us a call today or come see us!