An interview with WebMD

An interview with WebMD

What makes African-American hair textures different from others?

Hair can be straightened by using a chemical relaxer, pressing with a straightening comb and flat ironing.  The best way to lengthen hair is by keeping it well-conditioned, regular trims and by using the minimum amount of heat.  If you have never had thick hair, you cannot make it thicker. We are born with the amount of hair follicles we will have for our lifetime.

What are the most common mistakes African-American women make when caring for their hair?

The most common mistake African Americans make when caring for their hair is over processing and not enough conditioning.

What myths about caring for this type of hair do you frequently have to correct?

The use of grease. Braiding too tight.

How can I make my hair straighter, longer and thicker? I’ve heard that African-American hair can actually be more fragile than other hair types. Is this true? Why or why not?

There is condition called Fragile Hair Syndrome, which causes the hair to break continually, it can affect anyone. For African Americans it is more common for the hair to be fragile due to the curl pattern and lack of moisture in the hair shaft.