Real Health Magazine Interview

Real Health Magazine Interview

Celebrities you have styled?

Iman, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Kevin Bacon, Venus and Serena Williams, Gabourey Sidibe, Lauren Velez, Chaka Chan, Susan Taylor, Cicely Tyson, Miles Davis, Naomi Campbell, Oluchi, Donatella Versace.

1. What do negative ions in styling tools and styling products do for the hair?

The premise behind the ION technology is; hair carries a positive ion charge. When heated, negative ions are produced. The reactions of the positive and negative ions are believed to cancel each other out and cause the cuticle of the hair to become smoother. However, there is no scientific proof that this is true. The roughness of hair is due to protein breakdown not ions. The heat and pressure from the hot tools presses the cuticle down and the products you use hold the cuticle in place temporarily. Just like starching a shirt.

2. Do negative ions improve the texture (make it softer, more manageable etc.)

Tourmaline or Ceramic or technology does not smooth the cuticle of the hair.  The smoothness of the plates allows the irons to move over the hair easier. The heat from the iron, products you use and condition of your hair are what will determine the smoothness of your hair.

3. How does African American hair respond to these tools?

African American hair responds favorably to both of these hair styling tools when used with a heat-protecting product and CHI hair serum.

4. What styling products work best with ionic hair care tools?

Ellin LaVar TEXTURES, ThermMist, CHI

5. Which ionic styling tools work best: ceramic or tourmaline, etc.?

Tourmaline is silicate (a precious stone) Ceramic is clay. They both promise to make your hair softer, silkier and shinier. All have the potential to do that because of their heating capabilities, not the technology.

The Ionic, Tourmaline, Ceramic or technology does not smooth the cuticle. The heat from the iron, products you use and overall condition of your hair are what will determine the smoothness of your hair.

6. Even though negative ions are suppose to be great for your hair, can daily heat styling even with ceramic and tourmaline cause damage to the hair?

Any improper use of heating tools will cause damage to the hair. (i.e., having temperature to high, holding in one place too long and over use of hot tools.)

7. If you experience heat damage, what can be done to reverse heat styling damage?

Once hair is damaged it cannot be reversed. However, it can be conditioned with protein products to help reseal the damaged cuticle temporarily.

8. How often can you style with heat and not experience heat damage?

I recommend that you should try not to use your hot tools more than twice a week to limit heat damage.

9. What tips can you give to our readers about how to avoid daily styling damage?

To get the best results when flat ironing your hair; smooth hair out with a heat protectant and blow dryer first to relax most of your waves or curls. Take thin sections of hair and start at the back. Apply heat from roots to ends, going down the shaft slowly, thus allowing heat to penetrate. This way your hair will be straight the first time you pass your hot tool over it. As you do each section once, heat damage will be less. Also, using a heat styling product will also help to straighten your hair faster.

10. What’s the best way to care for negative ion styling tools to ensure styling performance for years to come?

Keep your styling tools clean. Wipe the plates with a damp cloth after using styling products. Keep your tools in a dry place to keep dampness out. Do not unplug your tool by pulling the cord.