Hairstyle Blog Interview

Hairstyle Blog Interview

1. Who shouldn’t use extensions?

I do not advise anyone who is having any type of scalp issue, such as bleeding, sores or unexplained hair loss, to apply extensions to their hair before consulting a physician. The extensions can hinder the doctor’s ability to properly diagnosis the problem.

2. Do you have a favorite type of extensions?

I do not have a favorite type of extension. However, I do have a favorite method of applying extensions. I prefer the braided method of applying hair to the head. The braids allow the hair to be protected from the elements and grow.

3.Who should not be using chemical relaxers?

Women who have permanent hair color and/or bleach in their hair should not use relaxers. Japanese straightners and body wave treatments are also not compatible with relaxers.  Children under the age of twelve should not use any of the above chemicals in their hair. Their hair follicles are not mature and these chemicals can cause permanent hair loss.

4.Do I need a chemical relaxer to smooth out my frizzy hair?

You do not have to use relaxer to smooth out your frizzy hair. Most of the time frizzy hair can be tamed by using the right hair products. Ellin LaVar TEXTURES, SatinSoft conditioner is excellent for leaving frizzy hair smooth and soft after washing. Also, apply products while hair is wet and allow hair to dry without too much manipulation. This allows the products to seal the cuticle.

5. How do you style hair that seems to fall out whenever manipulated?

Before I style hair that seems to b falling out, I would first try and find out why the hair is so fragile. I would recommend seeing a doctor to check hormone levels, thyroid and pituitary excretions and a cancer screening. Medications can also cause hair loss or breakage.

I would choose a style that requires very little combing and tension. A loose roller set may be the best. This would give the client body and curls that would last all week. She would use a satin hair bonnet at night to keep her hair from rubbing against her pillowcase to help reduce breakage and maintain her style. In the morning she can finger comb or use a very widely spaced comb to style her hair.