Ellin LaVar Textures™ Story

Ellin LaVar Textures™ Story

Ellin LaVar Textures™ is designed for the very specific needs of all women who struggle with highly textured, difficult to manage hair and who have limited time to address their beauty needs…

Hair matters! It matters greatly to all women. A woman’s hairstyle communicates to the world how she defines and feels about herself. Society’s standards of beauty have tremendous impact.  They can cut deeply. They instill in us from the time we are children the value, the “wantedness” placed on texture, length and the color of women’s hair. From grade school until the winter of our lives, a female’s hair convey’s confidence or great insecurity.

Length and texture (smoothness and swing) are barometers—internal ones and in America—by which a woman’s beauty and desirability are measured.Color too is a determinant. The lighter, the more blonde a woman’s hair is the longer and straighter it is, the more volume it has, the more beautiful she is perceived to be.

At LaVar Hair Designs, we provide women with the confidence needed to believe in their uniqueness—the gifts of their life and looks—without judgment or comparison to others.  This is the grounding of our offering to women—the basic philosophy that will guide our professional perspective. Our hair, its color, texture and length are what make us unique. They are part of our individuality. They are to be taken care of, honored. They are all good!

What LaVar Hair Designs will give women is the confidence, knowledge and skill to manage the unique gift of their hair—no matter how long or short, light or dark, wispy or hefty, kinky, curly or straight it is. LaVar Hair Designs is where women will turn to learn how to manage their hair, its uniqueness, and for the confidence we all need to face the world as our best, authentic selves.

Increasing the number of knowledgeable hairstylists in the cosmetology field is a goal of LaVar Hair Designs, which supports my over-arching mission: driving employment and business ownership in communities of color and promoting gravely needed economic growth.

Being considered a leader in the beauty industry since I was still in my teens, becoming known through Essence magazine as an innovator and creator of “the invisible braided weave”, succeeding in developing the first nationally distributed line of hair-care products by a drugstore chain created by an African American woman, there isn’t a day when I’m not sought by people throughout the nation and beyond our borders—individuals and stylists alike—to share something of what I’ve learned over the years. GIVING BACK! Is the next step in my personal and business development.  Stepping away from the styling chair and helping woman to appreciate and care well for their hair; diving deeply into the science of hair care professionals who are experts in the field and top-tier business owners.

LaVar Hair Designs is the place women turn to not just for information, but also inspiration and learning about how to love the hair that God made.