What do you see as the hot black hair trends for 2011?
I see Black women trending toward hairstyles are in line with their budgets. I am not a big fan of trends I believe that a person should wear whatever style makes them look and feel their best. Trends are not good for everyone. You should create your own style.
What advice would you give a client before they visit a salon for the first time?
Have a consultation with a new stylist before you make an appointment. This way your stylist can evaluate the condition of your hair and book the appropriate time needed to address your hair care needs.
I've been rocking a weave for over two years and my perm has grown out. My natural hair is dry, fine and extremely coarse. I was thinking about texturizing my hair to get kinda like a wavy look. But I’m unsure of how it will take to my hair! So can you explain the benefits of texturizing if there is any?
A texturizer is a relaxer. The difference is in the technique. With a relaxer, hair is relaxed straight. With a texturizer, the relaxer is used to soften/loosen your natural curl. For Example: If your natural hair has a tight curl, a texturizer will relax the curl and allow you to wear it curly without it shrinking or frizzing up. However, the results vary because it is strictly based on your own natural curl pattern. A texturizer can also be worn as a relaxer, meaning you can have your hair texturized so that it can give you more control over your natural texture. It can be relaxed just enough so that when it's blown out and flat ironed it will give you more body and fullness as opposed to being bone straight and falling flat.