Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between Ionic,Ceramic and Infra Red? Tourmaline? Nano Fuzeion (FHI heat)? Wet to dry flat irons? What do each promise to do?

    Tourmaline is silicate(a precious stone). Ceramic is clay. Infra red is supposed to heat the hair from the inside out. Ionic is the technology of creating positive and negative ions in the hair to smooth the cuticle. Wet -to dry irons are to be used on wet hair. The steam produced from the water evaporating is how your hair is straightened. They all promise to make your hair softer, silkier and shinier. All have the potential to do that because of their heating capabilities and not the technology. The Nano Fuzeion says it kills bacteria and viruses. However, any heat will do the same. The Ionic, Tourmaline, Ceramic or Infra red technology does not smooth the cuticle. The heat from the iron, products you use and condition of your hair are what will determine the smoothness of your hair. Infra red technology does not heat the hair from the inside out. Heat penetrates into the hair from the outside. No tool can improve the HEALTH of your hair as most claim.

  • Is there that big of a difference in what they do to justify the price hike between these styling tools? Is it worth spending the money?

    I do not believe that there is a very big difference in the irons. The price difference is not justified. The price is a marketing tool. People believe the more expensive the tool the better it is. A higher price will give you more features, color, heat settings, smoother plates and comfort. Only you can justify spending the money.

  • What techniques (blow-drying, towel drying, types of brushes) work the
best to achieve luster and shine?

    After using a great moisturizing shampoo, follow with a non-greasy daily conditioner and comb it through hair thoroughly, then rinse. This will smooth the cuticle layers and add shine. Lightly towel-dry the hair, but don’t ruffle it too much, than add a small amount of serum before drying and again after the hair is dry. If blow-drying your hair, always direct the airflow down the shaft of the hair to keep the cuticle lying down.