Styling Tips

  • Tip # 1

    DIY hair conditioning is very important. When you are conditioning your hair at home. Make sure that you distribute your conditioner from roots to ends. Use small sections to allow for total coverage. Extra-virgin olive oil can be used in a pinch. Just make sure to do a light shampoo after rinsing to remove any excess oil. You may wrap your head with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to trap your body heat for a more penetrating conditioning.

  • Tip # 2

    Use a satin pillowcase or wrap your head in a satin scarf at night to keep style from getting frizzy.

  • Tip # 3

    For quick waves, take hair in sections and twist into chignons. Secure while you prepare for your night out. Loosen before you leave. Smaller sections of hair will give you tighter waves.