Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who shouldn't use extensions?

    I do not advise anyone who is having any type of scalp issue, such as bleeding, sores or unexplained hair loss, to apply extensions to their hair before consulting a physician. The extensions can hinder the doctor’s ability to properly diagnosis the problem.

  • Do you have a favorite type of extensions?

    I do not have a favorite type of extension. However, I do have a favorite method of applying extensions. I prefer the braided method of applying hair to the head. The braids allow the hair to be protected from the elements and grow.

  • Is there a special way to style the extensions?

    When styling extensions, one has to be very careful not to expose the point where the extensions have been attached. Also, check your entire hairdo when finished to make sure that any thin areas of your own hair are covered. Most importantly, make sure there is no separation between your hair and the extension hair.