What if my hair is natural?
Natural hair can also lack the delicate balance of protein & moisture. The outside elements of weather (sun, wind, cold, etc.) can create an imbalance. It is important to moisturize the surface layers by adding emollients to lubricate the cuticles of the hair and use a finishing rinse that has a well-balanced acid mantle, which closes down the cuticle.
Sometimes a treatment that makes the hair smooth at the time (lots of heat, flat irons) ultimately damages the hair. What do you suggest doing while styling to minimize damaging effects?
Flat or curling irons and excessively hot blow dryers can certainly damage the hair. While the styling effects look good at the time, one must be careful that the heat is not burning the hair or boiling the water inside the hair cuticle. Many flat irons reach heat levels of up to 400°F, this can be very damaging. The use of a thermal protector prior to using these heated appliances can help to protect the hair before the damage occurs.
How often should women deep condition at home?
Although there is no set rule, it is advisable to do a deep conditioning treatment at least 2 times a month, or if possible, once a week.