What Ellin LaVar products are specifically good for silky hair and
 getting rid of frizz?

All Ellin LaVar Textures are made specifically to achieve silkiness and eliminate frizz. However, the LiquidGlass, NourishOil and PenetratingBalm will give instant gratification.
What ingredients in products should people look out for that are great for smoothing hair? What should they avoid?
Look for natural oils, water-soluble silicones, amino acids, and proteins. Great moisturizers are Cetyl Alcohol, don’t get scared of the word “alcohol”, some of them are fatty alcohols and will help moisturization. Avoid cheap oils, they will only make the hair greasy and attract dirt and dust.
I know Ellin has worked with a ton of celebs. Can she tell us what kind
 of deep conditioning treatment someone glamorous uses?
Iman uses deep penetrating moisturizing conditioners along with heat protecting styling products, i.e. Ellin LaVar Textures ReconstructMasque and ThermMist.